eTRM Data Platform

The CPUC plans to adopt a new source for deemed energy efficiency measures and values: the California Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM). The eTRM can be found at

The CPUC plans to designate the eTRM as a conditional data source of record of CPUC support tables and approved deemed workpapers after undergoing a comprehensive readiness assessment by CPUC staff and consulting teams. Phase 1 of a two-phase process established that the eTRM reflects official deemed ex ante data specification and displays current approved ex ante measure data for statewide measures. Program Administrator-specific workpapers are not included in the eTRM and may be found on

The eTRM may be referenced in workpapers submitted for staff review and general portfolio planning activities. Users will find all information relating to approved, active, statewide deemed measures therein. The eTRM also includes the following approved procedural workpapers:

eTRM Logo

The eTRM (California Electronic Technical Reference Manual), at, is a software platform that was developed under the guidance of the California Technical Forum (Cal TF), which includes representatives from the CPUC, CEC, IOUs, POUs and stakeholder groups. The eTRM provides a well-documented, modern interface that may be used for information pertaining to approved measures including CPUC support tables, ex ante data (EAD) tables, references to CPUC documentation, permutations tables, supporting documentation, and more.

The CPUC Energy Division will maintain the deeresources suite of websites (,, including the workpaper and disposition archive, the workpaper project archive (WPA), the PEAR and Ex Ante databases, and READI until their functions may be phased out entirely over the next year.

 1 Resolution E-5082 DEER2022 Update (adopted 2020-08-27)