Energy Efficiency Resources

The Database for Energy Efficient Resources (DEER) contains information on selected energy-efficient technologies and measures. The DEER provides estimates of the energy-savings potential for these technologies in residential and nonresidential applications. The database contains information on typical measures -- those commonly installed in the marketplace -- and data on the costs and benefits of more energy-efficient measures. Energy-efficient measures provide the same energy services using less energy, but they usually cost slightly more.

Updates to the Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) have been developed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) with funding provided by California ratepayers.

What's Happening

Workpaper inventory updated on November 18, 2015.

READI version 2.3 released, this version supports the new draft DEER2016 Cost data and updated cost-effectiveness values processing. 

Workpaper inventory updated on August 25, 2015.

The Non-DEER Work Papers page has been updated and reorganized.  It includes an up to date inventory of work papers, published on June 16, 2015.

A proposed DEER update for 2016 has been published. See new menu item under the DEER Versions heading.

DEER Updates related to measures removed from the ESPI Uncertain Measure list have been published here.

A DEER update based on new Federal Energy Efficiency standards that begin in 2015 is now available under the DEER2015 Code Update menu.For more information, see the READI "About" page.

The recent DEER database versions (DEER2011, DEER2014 and the combined DEER1314) have been updated to the ex ante format published on 1 April 2014.  A new version of READI is available to access these databases.

Pursuant to Decision (D.) 13-09-023, Commission staff scored the utilities on their annual ex ante review performance as part of the Efficiency Savings and Performance Incentive.  The final 2013 ESPI memos are published under the new "ESPI - EAR Performance Scoring" section under the main menu.  Commission staff will be holding meetings with each utility to discuss the final scores.

Measure Energy Impact tables for DEER2014 were added to the "Document and Resources" section of the DEER2014 page. One compressed file for each IOU contains the "New" and "Existing" building vintage energy impact records from the DEER2014 database.  (updated 3-5-2014)

Documentation on the DEER2014 EUL table update (updated on 2-5-2014) and a guidance document on "Requirements for Selection of Effective Useful Life for Lighting Measures" have been added to the DEER2014 Code Update page.

Two additional documentation support workbooks were added to the DEER2014 page; one workbook documents the weights used in DEER2014 (updated 3/18/2014) to create the weighted energy impacts and one lists the building types used for each measure when creating the sector-wide building types.