DEER 2014

Database for Energy-Efficient Resources

DEER Update for 2014 Codes

DEER2014 is an update of DEER2011 required by Codes and Standards (C&S) changes which are effective in 2014. The C&S updates include the California Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations, the California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and the United States Code of Federal Regulations. These C&S updates are incorporated into all energy saving measure definitions and new construction building descriptions for DEER2014.

The C&S changes for DEER2014 only impact methods and assumptions used to calculate Unit Energy Savings (UES) values of kWh, kW and therm for DEER and non-DEER measures. Net-To-Gross (NTG), Effective/Remaining Useful Life (EUL/RUL), and other non-UES values are not being updated as a result of C&S changes.

The 2013 Title-24 building standards, effective Jan 1, 2014, specifies the use of new weather data. DEER2014 uses the new weather data, along with new peak period definitions based on the new weather data, in the determination of all weather sensitive energy savings. It should be noted that three Title-24 changes cause most or all weather sensitive UES values to change:

  1. The use of the 2013 Title-24 weather files causes all weather sensitive UES values to change by amounts from small (less then +/-1%) to moderate (greater than +/-5%);
  2. The new Title-24 requirements for lighting retrofits incorporate control systems – primarily occupancy sensors – causes the lighting equivalent full load hours (EFLH) for the code baseline and measure DEER models to be reduced, thus causing most lighting UES values to change;
  3. The Title-24 requirement for packaged direct expansion (DX) cooling systems greater than 55kBTUh capacity to incorporate two-speed fan controls causes all above-code level energy impacts to decrease and causes most above pre-existing energy impacts to increase. Changes can relatively small (a few percent) to quite large (30 – 50%) depending on individual building types, climates and vintages.

DEER2014 Database Tool to View and Download Data

All of the DEER2014 Unit Energy Savings (UES) values and measure data are stored on a remote database server. A database access tool has been developed that provides live access to the database. The tool, READI© (Remote Ex-Ante Database Interface) connects to the database over the internet utilizing a secure and encrypted connection over port 22 or a standard remote database connection over port 5432. The program allows users to view and download all of the data associated with the DEER2011, DEER2014, Draft of DEER2014 and DEER1314 databases. Visit the READI© page for more information and to download the program. View the "About" screen in the READI© help section for notes on program and database updates (or click here).

DEER2014 Documentation and Resources

View the Update Documentation here (updated 2/12/2014).

Download the guidance document "Requirements for Selection of Effective Useful Life for Lighting Measures" (added 2/5/2014). 

Download the workbook that documents the EUL table update (added 2/5/2014).

An update to the Lighting HVAC Interactive Effects workbook includes the IE Factors from DEER2011 and DEER2014. This workbook also contains adjustment tables to convert DEER2011 lighting measure impacts to DEER2014 impacts (updated 2/20/2014). 
Note: the DEER2011 interactive effects values in this workbook are provided for comparison to the DEER2014 values.  The values for interactive effects, hours-of-use and coincident demand factors are derived within the workbook based on energy impacts downloaded from the database using READI©. Round-off of energy impact values in this process causes some calculated DEER2011 interactive effects to vary slightly from the values published in the DEER2011 interactive effects workbook. For official DEER2011 interactive effects values, please refer to the DEER2011 workbook.

Download IOU-specific Measure Energy Impacts tables (updated 3/5/2014).  These tables contain the "New" and "Existing" building vintage energy impact records for all measures:

Documentation support workbooks:

The DEER2014 workshop presentation, delivered on July 17, 2013, is available (7/18/2013).

The Measure Analysis Software (MASControl©) used to create the weather-sensitive results for the DEER2014 Update is available for download (updated on 5/23/2014).

Note: Version 3.00.20 of MASControl© replaces version 3.00.19.  "New" vintage commercial building simulations produced with version 3.00.019 incorrectly use the older Title-24 code levels. DEER2014 was created based on the latest version (3.00.20).

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