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The final Resolution E-5152 DEER2023 was voted out on August 5, 2021. The body of the resolution is available at; Attachment A is at

For convenience, the combined document is available at: /files/DEER2023/Resolution%20E-5152%20DEER2023%20Complete.pdf

The DRAFT Resolution E-5152 DEER2023 Resolution is available for review and comment at The comment letter is provided here and comments are due by July 6, 2021.

The DEER2023 Scoping Document is available for review and comment at!/documents/2490/view as of 2021-03-30. Comments are due by 2020-04-15.

The CPUC has prepared the following reference files as shown:

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This spreadsheet documents the methodology used to transform NormUnit from Cap-tons to Cap-kBTU for the rNCNG HVAC type--one without air conditioning (hence Cap-tons is not appropriate as NormUnit). It is referenced in the 2023 DEER Resolution Appendix section 3.5 and relates to the Resolution main body section D.5

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